2 Jul 2010

I am a girl I promise

after someones comment yday about how it's weird I like war stuff such as Band of Brothers it needs to be known I am a female and I like:

most sports, heavy metal, rap, long shorts, to play the drums, war stuff, action movies, cider, poker, hangin' out "with the guys", not wearing make up, dark humour, the channel dave

and I am:

messy, emotionally retarded, incapable of showing emotion, funny, a Sci-Fi geek

I say this after my footy afternoon with Raji which consisted of us eating hot dogs and doritos watching the footy whilst I was wearing long denim shorts and my rockin' roller coaster t-shirt

1 comment:

  1. yeah i can be such a boy sometimes! actually most of the time, i don't like the gender differences though, just because you like one thing doesn't mean ''eerr youre such a boyyyy'' it's annoying when people are so closed minded.
    but hi 5 for unleashing our inner boy!!