29 Jul 2010

HMV have lost my custom

I'm genuinely really pissed off
I ordered my stuff on saturday
takes 2-5 working days
and got Half my order today
Today is Thursday
how shite

and in the help section it says:

Your Order

If we’ve sent you a shipping confirmation email, it means that your order is now on its way to you. You should get it 2-5 days after the email but occasionally it can take up to 14 days. Please do us a favour and don’t contact the customer services department until 14 days are up – then we’ll be more than happy to look into why it hasn’t arrived.

Do you a favour?!
A Favour?!

wouldn't have this problem with play.com
I'm sorry I chose to save a few extra pennies with HMV
it won't happen again

If I don't get it tomorrow
I'm ordering from play.com
and sending my hmv order back

suck the fuck on that


  1. When i read it i was like :O FAVOUR?!?!?!

    Did love the
    'Suck the fuck on that' comment, made me nychuckle :)

  2. Bastards

    *insert Jenny's comment here*

  3. TWATS.

    Their be sorry *evil eye*