25 Jul 2010

Back on Bagels

I do lovvve de bagels
and I used to have them All.The.Time
But I cut them out 'cos they're not great for you

But watching The Oh See eh
makes me crave them like theres no tomorrow
brings out the Jew in me
which btw is totally true
no lie
I'm not tryina to be funnya

My Great Grandma was Jewish
and Technically

"If your mother's Jewish then you are Jewish"


and if My Great Grandma was Jewish that meannns
My Nan was Jewish
Therefor my mum is Jewish
therefore I'm Jewish!

All za women see

So yeah there you go
I do use it occasionally for excuses
like how I'm tight with money lol
but I think it's kl
I think Jewish people are kl

I have the same amount of Scottish in me actually
But I tend not to mention that as much lol

So the point of this story is
My bread bin contains a lot of Sesame seed Bagels (from Sainsbury's as they are the best)
and my fridge contains a lot of Light Philidelphia
and my toaster is always out :)

Just need to get a slicer like the Cohen's
and Raji lol

Mazel Tov! 

1 comment:

  1. YAY I got a mention!
    Ahh I havent had a bagel in ageees
    Mmmm, bagel and phili pleeeeeeasee

    Also; I love jews!