13 Jun 2010


supresses your appetite
contains Nicotine which is a really strong anti depressent
and let's admit it, still looks cool

if it weren't for the fact that it kills off everything else in your body
like your lungs which you need to breath with
and contains tar and rat poison
and the fact it stinks to high heaven
and makes nails and teeth yellow

i might of considered it
which clearly means I wouldn't

so here's the real crux of this post

Don't Smoke
I'm sorry I have no sympathy for smokers standing outside in the rain 'cos they can't smoke inside
Save the money and go on holiday
or buy a car
and don't die

there's still 13 million smokers in the UK
admittedly most of these are aged between 20-24
so I guess that better
look cool whilst your looking young
but give up
takes 2 years for your lungs to clear after you quit

and just think
your giving the Government some money in their pocket the more you smoke
so yeah


  1. agreed!
    the thing that annoys me is when people complain that they have no money yet they have enough to buy cigarettes every week!!

  2. so what your sayig is we should all start smoking? Unless im reading this wrong? :)