7 Jun 2010

I've been in school for around 2 hours
and I really can't stand it already

I woke up feeling ill
Sat in form feeling worse and like I was about to die
Met Nazia and we went canteen so I could get some drinks to make myself feel better
Had a heart palpa-fecking-tation
Water didn't work

Me and Naz tested ourselves in history for a little while 'cos the revision tasks are a waste of time
but then we got onto just talking
Which was fun
Now I'm music having to listen to Gervaise whine and over complicate a simple task and he won't shut up
and I still feel ill
Seeing as I've come this far I may aswell go media
and then home 'cos jus' allow gym
'cos it ain't gonna make no difference to me really
I been doing it for months and I'm still the same except for the fact I don't tire as easily

Destined to be this way forever

I really hate school
and it's my last week
and I just want it to fly

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