15 Jun 2010

I like British Rap

I sorta like rap but not that much
like out of American rap I really like Eminem, tiny bit of Snoop (like 2 songs)
so yeah abit but not much
but I've realised listening to Adulthood soundtrack
I rather like British rap
the lyrics make me lol blad


  1. everyones entitled to their opinion..im just curious why
    The british street language jus gives me lolz

  2. lol i think cos we're so used to the chadwellers so when some british rappers rap it sounds funny lol.
    i like a bit of both me thinks, esp eminem!
    as long as it's about their life & stuff instead of being rich and sex

  3. yeah defo
    i don't need to hear them braggin
    Chadwellers ftw (Y)

    btw guys i do like both
    I've just realised I like British aswell