1 Jun 2010

Dirty teenage minds..

MLIA post read:
Today, my friend texted me saying, "Talk dirty to me." At first, I was going to reply with, "I'd rather not." Then I thought of a better response. She said it was the best response she'd ever gotten. My response: "Mud. Dust. Mildew." MLIA.

I posted it to David.

David says:
ohh, I get it

Sezzanator says:
lol yeah took me a couple of seconds too

David says:
I was trying to relate it all to sex

Sezzanator says:
loool same


  1. Looool

    You have to send this to Ham, we both know he's our resident sex texter

  2. LOL
    'I was trying to relate it all to sex'
    me too!