6 Jun 2010

Deanna Jamie Watson...

I feel like I should do a post about you and last night 'cos it was awesome and I don't think I could have had any more fun..

The reason your so awesome is because you're just so cool but also 'cos you actually understand me completely, like no one else does. I can talk to you about anything and I know you'll be there for me and have the right answer for me. We also have a lot of fun together. Take last night. One of the most depressing conversations ever but we had soo much fun it was brilliant. And even when I was hunched over my toilet I was thinking "He knows! Oh no he knows!" but I actually really didn't care and I laughed and I don't care today either because you made me feel so much better :) We probably need to see ourselves better for us to have more luck and I think that next year will be so much better. Starting September we'll meet new people and they will see us how we want them to see us. No depressing past they've seen or heard about. And of course Amsterdam we can do whatever we want :) and hopefully we'll fulfill our mission :D hehe

But yeah I just thought this was necessary
We should do it more often
Depressing/Bonding chats over Cider

well maybe not after the reaction my gut had lol
But yeah you get the jist

Love you Watson :)


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  1. Yes to both mac and cheese and papa johns :)
    lol yeah only revised yesterday i think i accumilated a total 2hours during the holidys which is nothing. Did an extra hour before bed ^^