12 May 2010

Politics is exciting

We have a new Prime Minitster
Watching it yesturday was really cool
Not something that happens often

I thought this  was cute

Youngest PM since 1812
and one of the prettiest 'first lady' type I've ever seen
Don't know the equivalent for the UK
but yeah
Samantha Cameron (Y)
Rocking the blue dress

Obama called


So yeah now we have a coalition
get it?
Should be interesting
I'm quite optimistic about it actually (Y)
Obv they don't agree on Europe but the Tories will over rule the Lib Dems on that one :)
No euro for us, no thank you


  1. Naa when i saw that pic of the two of them, i thought he was conspiring something along the lines of
    "We did it, we finally control those mo-fo's"

  2. lool
    it probably was a "we did it yay!"
    but they look cute :)

  3. ahaha i agree with jenny.
    clever to get her pregnant in time for the election though.
    unfortunately i watched it because my mum wouldn't turn it over but my god i couldn't wait to change the channel, just to not see Cameron's irritatingly smug face and hear his annoying voice.
    but i don't want to offend you by insulting cameron because we're all entitled to our own opinions. i think it's good, i like having healthy debates (:

  4. Yeah, couples are cute at that age. But that's really something people say abou t the old folks in the park, not the Prime Minister and his woman.

    And they are in politics, so it's more like:
    "Oh, look at them confirm a victory-sex date for later-see it in the way they smooch?"

    Just kidding.