23 May 2010

I'm determined to get Brogues now

It's gonna happen because I have the same obsession I had with my cowboy boots and have been looking at the most of the day

It's annoying that I didn't realise I liked them earlier
and didn't realise all shoe shops have a sale
and now all the ones I liked have run out of my size

but anyway it's come down to this
opinions please
I'm thinking for the price I might aswell get the high heeled ones as they're only a tenner more
and I reallly like the black and white ones
but they areey quite alot of money :S

orrr do I go to the shops and hope they have the ones in the sale in stock there:


  1. Black and white heeled one cause they are uber cute, and forget price call it a pre-exam gift :)

  2. I liiike the first two, the fearne cotton ones anddd the office lace up sale onnes :)
    I agree with Jen, a well deserved pre exam gift!