7 May 2010

I'm all for democracy
and the right to vote
and I am proud to be British
I am privalidged to be British and to live here, in a free country

I think our voting system stinks
yep I'm that 90s I said stinks
so yeah I think it's silly
The Lib Dems are so right that it needs to change

Now that I am 18
I can vote
I was actually fairly excited
and all in all elections are quite exciting

But today we have a Hung Parliment
It's all gone to pot

and I overheard from Sara in history that Ilford is very Labour and it kinda shows cos practically the whole 6th form fake voted for them
So I feel like I've been cheated out of my vote
cos what I did made no difference
what is the point when Nobody won!

I'm also fairly sick of talking about it
so this will be my last post on it, though tbh it is my only post on it
so yeah Conservative supporters get battered
on Ch4 they were saying that some people don't wanna admit they support the Tories cos people just shun them down
I'm sorry but it's my opinion, I'm not closed minded, I am open to other policies etc, I can change my mind if I like
I voted Conservative
So Suck It!
and don't tell me I'm wrong!
I do understand politics okay
And Maggie Thatcher although she did some bad things blah blah
she did some good things
so you can all sssh
and get off my back
and before you say it
no I'm not rich
I am working class
doesn't mean I have to support Labour


  1. "and don't tell me I'm wrong!"

    YOU WERE WRONG.loool

    i'm fed up with it too, and the whole hung parliament stuff is just confusing.
    i hate david cameron with a passion but he got the most so just let him be primeminister, and when he stuffs up we can all go on a protest.
    (btw i liked the link with stinks and 90's!)