24 May 2010

I hate school

Today as I'm sitting in music
I'm counting down the days I have left
14 not including today
and I'm counting down the hours till I can go home
Precisely 2

I can't stand it here anymore
I don't think there'll be any tears shed

actually there might when I fail this subject
it's ridiculous how little time we have left
and we're doing Jack
Found my music teacher strolling upstairs
Even though we have a lesson
I asked him for help on friday
and my help today is me sitting here blogging about how we're doing nothing
and I'm listening to Glee and Britney

I'm going to go home
put on some shorts, sun cream & shades
and revise in my garden
I was even revising in this lesson on my own accord but there's only so many times you can go over 16 things that have changed multi-track recording in the last 20 years
I mean there's only 16
and I read it 3 times

So yeah Media revision today as mock on friday
I'm gonna tear that purple book apart! Pow!
Tis abit Aussie biased though hmm

See how bored I am
A massive post about revision and home
that's what my life has come down to

1 comment:

  1. lol at the Pow!
    Yay britney
    and wow youve blogged loads lool.
    makes me sad that you have less days left than i do. Sigh