11 May 2010

"Eminem is fat, he's 14 1/2 stone now"
"That's not that fat"
"No I didn't think so either"
"Well I'm near that. Apparently I need to be 11 stone but then I'd look stupidly skinny"
"I'd like to lose 5 stone"
"5 stone! Why?"
"''Cos then I'd be skinny. All my friends are skinny"
"Why do you wanna be skinny? You don't wanna be skinny"
"Yes I do. All my life's problems would be solved it I was skinny. My Life would be so much easier"
Both Laugh
"Well all you gotta do is eat one banana a day"
"Just one banana and that's it?"
"Yep, one banana. I'll have it at lunch time"
"That's the best time to have it. I'll do it too"
Both Laugh
"Don't really do that"


  1. Hahahaha!!! I hate bananas. :P

  2. I have an award for you on my blog. =) -Hannah