24 May 2010

Another sad post

Tis the maths exam today
and many of my friends take Maths
so at break I'm gonna have to sit here in music
the place I loathe most
because no ones around in the canteen

I'm going to list the pros and cons of this decision

-I hate it in here
-I think I've blogged and facebook'd as much as I can and it's only 11:22
-It's depressing in here
-Teachers might come in and considering how much I hate school I don't want to see them and I might have to give them some arch enemy name

-I can come up with an evil name for teachers
-It has air conditioning in here
-You never know someone might actually come in to help me so I don't fail
-I can read in here

Damn there's 4 each :|

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