1 Apr 2010

Yestuday was the worst day of work ever

But I'm sick of talking about it
so sick in fact that I forgot to tell you all the good aspects of it

I saw Aston from JLS :)

He's an Arsenal fan
Was wearing the scarf
Came from the posh section
He's littler in real life
and as I was looking at him he looked at me and I knew he knew that I knew who he was lol
And then I went to look away and thought screw it, when's this gonna happen again
There was only about 4 of us in the room by the way, so not a crowd of people

I also saw Alex Song
but not as close up
and joy was very dimmed by the fact I was very pissed off :(
Though would have been different I he actually walked in my side of the car park
He signed something for a supporter
I thought that was nice of him :)


  1. hope you feel all betterer now x

  2. lmao littiler in real life lmao

  3. Aww
    But RIP the camera man :(
    Im sorry you had not a nice day