22 Apr 2010

So enlightening shocking details

He is 27!!
and he's Canadian :)

Is 23!

Also 27!
Though tbh he looks more near his age than the others

After the shocking discovery of Rachel I found out that most of the girls are 23
the only one near the real age of the characters is..
Who is 19
and also actually gay

and so is the new guy

it's a shame there aren't many openly gay actors
they're afraid to come out still because they might not get work or are discriminated against

but anyway

Atleast in gossip girl when they were playing 17 year olds they were only a couple of years older than the characters


  1. Rachel looks pretty, Puck actually loks fit. To bad about the new guy :( Now we shall never be married

  2. my textiles teacher made a point of saying taylor swift is about 18 and dating Finn, therefore a 10 year age gap wouldn't be too bad for me & Puck (:, who is beautiful.
    aww kurt is so cute! he's my favourite gay. do you mean the new guy is gay too? or just 19.