10 Apr 2010

Right of Passage

Me and Jen passed another 18 right of passage today
We went into the betting shop and bet on the Grand National
I'd been looking forward to it for ages and was so excited
and had loadsa positive feelings about the race though didn't mind too much if I lost

So I put down £1.50 each way on Don't Push it and Big Fella Thanks
and put £2.00 each way on Dream Alliance (cos the jockey was an O'Brien)
so overall I bet a tenner

and guess what

I won :D

Don't Push It came in 1st!!!
Big Fella Thanks came in 4th!!

Overall I got £37.50 :D

Afterwards me and Jen had some cellabatory chicken
and then went to collect our winnings as Jen had Big Fella Thanks aswell and won about £4

Was so much fun!

Bring on the Derby!
5th June!

1 comment:

  1. WOW! youuu wonnn £3.50 :O thats soo kool!
    lol at all the horses names..me n my family used to bet in our heads wen i was lil haha..n funy enough my horse always usally near the top, my dad was like YOU MUST DO THIS WHEN YOUR OLDER HAHA

    well doneee :D