2 Apr 2010

Our Masterpiece

Teach Me To Love
Is going to be Steph's, Jen's and my latest film
It's going to be awesome
we're going to do it altogether
and when it's made your going to cry your eyes out it's gonna be so good
and why not start writing it now?
I feel like it should be a book first because I love books
and because it is Our book and Our film
They will both be awesome and you won't need to compare the two, they'll both be perfect
Though we may just go straight to screen play but who knows?
I just like to write

So here's my first random draft
'cos I feel like writing today

Teach Me to Love ©

It's raining. Again. I'm staring out of the window in my biology lesson and wish beyond reason that the rain stops by the time the bell rings for lunch. Those little drops of water cause me so much pain. This may sound melodramatic but it really is true. I have enough problems with my image as it is; I don't need to have drenched clothes and greasy hair to add to that. Blondes may have more fun but you don't realise how difficult it is to keep this hair glossy with that 'sunshine glow'. As I'm thinking this my biology teacher calls upon me to answer a question. It's times like these I really wish I paid more attention. Not to get better grades, personally I think my grades are fine. I'm a sort of average student, not striving to get an A but to just do well. No, I wish I paid for attention so I didn't have to face the humiliation of getting the answer wrong. No matter what anyone says or whether the teacher says "It's okay to be wrong", they're lying. It isn't okay, people laugh at you and the teacher is mad or disappointed in you. Unless they're actually a nice teacher who cares about how you do, but there aren't many of them around these days. Most just want you to do well so that they look good, with investing as little time into teaching as possible. So I give Mrs Cunning my usual answer of silence. This doesn't go down to well but I'm only told to pay more attention and there's only ten minutes left of the lesson so she won't call upon me again.

When the bell finally does go it is still raining so instead of sitting at my usual spot on the bench by the field with my few friends, we're going to have to brace the canteen together. Eugh, I'm really not in the mood for little children today. Well, my bad mood is probably only because of the rain, but still. I manage to fight my way through the sea of little uns and find a free table for four. As I sit down and place my bag on the seat to show I don't want company I see my petite, mousy hair coloured friend Rachel clambering her way through also looking slightly miffed.

"God I hate rain" she sighs and she slumps into the seat opposite me. I just give her that knowing look that says me too and then hunt for my lunch in my bag. The canteen food is gross and if it weren't for the rain I wouldn't be here because the smell is making me almost gag. Michelle's wearing that same expression as she slumps down next to Rachel, her midnight black hair swirling round her as she does so. The girl should model for Lorrielle.

"Let's just eat up quick and go to the common room or something" So we do, but not too quickly as to spoil the conversation.

"So how was biology?" Michelle asks

"Same as usual. What did you have?" I reply then take a bite of my sandwich

"History" Both Rachel and I grimace. "Yeah I know Jefferson's creepy but at least I get to stare at Adam all lesson" Ahh Adam. Adam has been the love of Michelle's life, since, well, as she would put it, forever. Cliché yes, but I can't actually remember a time when she didn't love him. I restrain with difficulty from rolling my eyes and change the topic of conversation onto glee.

As we discuss how happy we are that Finn finally found out that Quinn had been lying to him a group of twenty something, rather frightened, smartly dressed people walk in.

"Who are they?" I question

"Oh it's that time of year...new student teachers" says Rachel as a smile spreads across her face because student teachers mean two things. The first is that they're really annoying lurking in the back of the classroom always trying to help you out. The second is that sometimes you can get some pretty good eye candy. Rachel's beam is because of the latter. As the group stride past us we all look over the new meat.

"Hmm he's not bad" says Rachel referring to a blonde Swedish looking guy. I don't see it.

"Na they're not all that" says Michelle and I nod in agreement but Rachel’s not phased by our lack of interest. I see her staring towards the queues and turn around to see if there's something I'm missing. As I swivel round I see the blonde guy but in the queue next to him is another guy I didn't see in the group.

"Who’s that? He doesn't look like a student teacher" he didn't have the look of ‘oh god these kids are gonna eat me alive’ but still had an uneasiness about him.

"Oh that's the new French teacher. Davis moved last minute or something 'cos his wife was transferred." Michelle replies non chalant.

"Oh, well he'll be teaching me then. How did they managed to get someone new in so quick? We've already been back a week from half term"

"He trained here last year."

"Oh. I didn't notice him" I sit there confused and watch him leave the canteen. How did I not notice him? He teaches French, an A level which I take and he's pretty noticeable, what with being a bout 6 ft and all. I look forward to my first lesson.

Tuesday comes and my first lesson is French. I get in and sit down in my usual seat. This is sadly on my own meaning that I have no French boffin to help me with my grammatical errors. I'm pondering this self pitying thought when the new guy walks in. He certainly has a presence, you know, being six feet and all.

"Hi I'm Mr. Frederickson" I'm gonna have to come up with a nickname or a shorter version of his name because that's just too damn long. "I'm replacing Mr. Davis and will be continuing right where he left off. Considering it's only November I'm sure you guys will be fine for your exam in the summer and the trauma from losing Mr. Davis will be over by then" I smile. He's quite funny. The rest if the class don't seem to think so. I don't see even a flicker in the mouths of the seven others sitting in the room. He seems to notice this too. Though in their defence it is only nine o'clock in the morning. "So anyway" he continues awkwardly "let's start with some perfect and pluperfect tense exercises” and goes into the lecture of the lesson. He’s a pretty cool teacher. He’s funny, young, enough so he's not trying to ‘relate’ to us and old enough to not look like someone who should be in our class instead of teaching it. At the end of the lesson, I'm the last one leaving out the door when he calls me back.

"Excuse me; I'm sorry I've forgotten your name. Inexcusable really considering how small a class it is" he looks genuinely sorry, and a little shy. Teacher's can be shy?

"It’s Lily"

"A yes I remember now. You forgot your book"

"Oh. Thanks” I say taking the book from him.

"You’re Welcome" he smiles a mouthful of pearly whites. Wow. I can’t help but smile back and I turn to leave. Rachel catches me in the corridoor as we're both making our way to Media.

"What's with the face?"

I just shrugg and carry on grinning.



  1. (Y)(Y)(Y)
    your writing skills are awesome!
    its really good so far, didnt get bored at all!
    cant wait for the rest xx

  2. I havent read it bgut im feeling this awesome vibe just by scrolling through it ^^
    Copyright it ;)
    and send it to me when your done the first two chapters Cant wait love that we both love writing

  3. I love it :)
    I didnt get bored either
    I think I kind of worked out the peoples, just not the teacher! Tell me!!!
    Cant wait for the rest of it
    This is goood