5 Apr 2010

I realised

the easter holidays means I won't get to ask Bradley random questions every morning
I survived the last holiday but I thought up a question earlier and it occurred to me that I won't be able to ask him
so I'm going to make a list so I don't forget for the two weeks
the list can be added to by anyone who's thought of a cool question
and it will be here >


  1. lo tyhis is the cutest post and i was actually thinking to ask him if he's considered working as a secret agent, cause he's so unnoticably cute ^^
    Though i may paraphrase the last bit

    Whats formspring?

  2. its a site where you can ask me anything
    and ill answer :)
    i think Bradley should get it

  3. do you like Jeremy Kyle?
    would you ever go on the show?

    only because im watching it now and i thought 'do you like goats would be a bit suspect LOL