18 Apr 2010

Dare Devils

As me and Raji were coming home from Romford
Silly me told us to get off and the wrong stop
the one before the proper one
so we had a little walk along the eastern avenue
a very busy road
the A12 in fact
so as we were walking
all of a sudden we noticed how quiet it was
and how infact there were no cars!
on either side of the eastern avenue
on a saturday afternoon
can you believe it!

so we decided to go into the road hehe
we did it a couple of times
and even touched the white line in the middle of the road! :O

was an adrenaline rush lol

I would like to put a pciture of Raji on here to but she failed to provide one :(

btw check out my new shades :p

1 comment:

  1. Lol this was actually one of the greatest moments possibly ever