7 Mar 2010

It's Weird that I'm mad about a conversation a day later

But I am
Yday at work
talking to one of the newbie stewards (yes, newer than me. I feel a little superior which is stupid. I think it's 'cos I have the school mentality of hating younger years, so that's probably why)
and he was asking me what I do blah blah
and I was asking him blah blah
and he's in his first year at UCL studying Mechanics
so he asks me what subjects I do and if I'm going to uni
and I tell him and he goes
"Oh so you looking to go into history then?"
Erm, no, why did he assume that?
He also chuckled at my other two A levels
so I told him what I was actually doing
then he said
"So you apply to Manchester and Leeds then?"
Erm, no, why would I do that
So I told him they weren't right for me and he goes
"Oh yeah, they more specialise in Maths and Science"
So he's bascially insulting me in the weirdest way
and then he told me 'bout his A levels
which were Econ, Maths, Physics I think
Oh Shock

But today I'm mad about it as I replayed it in my head
I'm just going to have to get used to people laughing at my subject choice
'cos usually they just go "ohhhh" in a friendly your really stupid kinda way

But on the plus side
I talked to some camera women and men in the lift
and they love their job
and I wanna do their job sooo bad

&& talking of wishful thinking
as we so happened to have some luck friday night
I was wishing I saw a famous person at work and I did!

I saw Paul Davis
ex Arnsenal player
though I didn't know who he was lol
I felt pretty stupid as I asked to see his ID and the supporters in the lift said "Don't you know who he is?"
and I just had a blank face and they said "OMG she doesn't!"
and then they said who he was, and tbh I still didn't know but I apologised and said that it was OK I didn't need to see it, though he showed it to me anyway
He didn't seem to mind and his son was laughing at me lol
and he goes "It's ok, she's young"
Which is true, he played in the early 80s so wayyy before my time

so then everyone else who got in the lift after I was telling them who was in the lift before
and they didn't know lol
so I felt a bit better
though they weren't really footy fans
just more media people

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  1. Awww
    Stupid stuck up newbie!
    You're better than that
    And your subject choices are hardcore

    LOL At the Paul Davis thing
    But its okay "you're young" :P