4 Mar 2010

Because our situation is just too damn funny

Quotes from Jennie's blog:

Tuesday 10th November

"Today we just about lay our beds of failure as we made so much noise, laughed, insulted, and most likely crushed Sharks self esteem."

Thursday 12 November

"Everytime peter or shark mentioned the word blog, i think i died a little bit

if they EVER saw that post i made the other day....My life might actually be over"

Monday 16th November

"Trying to edit our music video and the ending is awesome (your welcome) and we don't want to chop it up into little piece and feed it to the sharks (Bruce)."

Tuesday 1st December

"Bruce was being a bastard, just when you love him, me makes you hate him all over again."

"But does Bruce listen?

What do you think?
Popus jerk, so we're back to ignoring and making comments about him within earshot without actaully using his name. Going quiet when we know he's directly behind us, though gladly he doesnt say anything
THEN TO TAKE THE ABSOLUTE PISS. When we ask blondie a question shes not sure about and gets Bruce over. He doenst answer it then says
''Well the main image is what you really need to work on''

Beacuse we didnt state that at the beginning when you were hyping?
Then he had the ordasity to start giving advice when we obviously didnt need it. 4years of media studies people, and i dont give a buck if he's got a degree
''All that fancy lighting and your not ging to use it''
''So you want pasteu looking white boys because thats what the flash will gove you''

Wednesday 2nd December

"I cant think of a title to convey my raw anger i feel towards a certain Bruce that was mentioned yesterday

the fact that he is being mentioned two days in a row just shows how furious i am.
Call us lazy becase we dont know how to USE the damn software. He just assumed we did.

Then he all but called us stupid because his year 10s know how to use it. Well last time i checked i'm not in year 10 and nor do i care what your year 10s are up to. If you love them so much then why don't you marry them."

Friday 8th January

"If they ever found this blog i dunno what i wold do.

Well i say that bout i dont know how much i care, it is my own thoughts and its hardly illegal. I suppose they waoul make my life miserable, and thats half the reason im posting it in the furure, the other half is that by this time and date, they would have marked our media evaluation and can therefore NOT fail me.

Though im highly suspicious as they keep making jokes about failing me.... Not cool.
They dont understand i die just alittle bit inside with worry whenever the words
Jennie and Blog are in the same sentence.
Seriosuly if youve been a long to viewer of my blog. You know why"

this gives me so much jokes now
if you only knew the future

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