18 Jan 2010

TV Addict

I've totally turned into a TV addict
I'm not sure if I'm saying this because of my lazy weekend which has continued into today
but I think it's quite true
I don't know when I got into watching so much TV
In my defense, though it may be weak, I've picked up 3 new TV shows because of Jennie which are
Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother
and the trouble is they're on Every day
I've also been watching my Buffy DVDs which I got for Xmas
but I'm allowed to do that :)

I'm going to have to drop something before I get square eyes

I'm hoping Hustle is as crap as it was last week so I don't watch it and can drop that
I'm also thinking of dropping 90210 'cos it really isn't very good
and btw House, Flash Forward and Vampire Diaries haven't even started!
I'm not watching Skins this year
'Cos I hate on it every year and just watch it anyway so there's no point in that

So when everything starts again at the end of Jan I'll be left with:

Being Human
Flash Forward
Veronica Mars
Gossip Girl
Vampire Diaries
America's Next Top Model (yep another series starting tonight)
Leverage (if it's any good)
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother

I don't quite know how this happened
I do have coursework to do
and exercise

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