10 Jan 2010

The Truman Show

It takes a lot for my Dad to like a film and he remembered liking this so I thought I would watch it.

He was wrong.

This film is really strange. It's pretty freaky for the first 40 minutes but then you find yourself drawn in and willing the hero to win, survive, all that jazz that the usual hero/heroin character accomplishes in a film/story.

However despite being drawn in I still found myself questionning myself as to whether I actually liked it. And I didn't really. It's a really pretty film. I think you can tell from the offset that they're really striving to be perfect which is of course odd but really the whole point.
I don't wanna give away too much of the storyline if your gonna watch it because even from the info button you don't really get it. And I was starting to get the idea but wasn't completely sure untill the truth was revealed.
Jim Carey was pretty good in it though. Not too annoying.


  1. i only saw the 2nd half to this but i think they did it pretty well - they couldve made it a bit darker but i think the 'perfect' thing was intentional an played out pretty well.
    i also like the very end (where they turn they change the channel) kind of tells you something about people nowadays & how addicted to tv they are (like moi lol)

  2. Oh I really liked it :)
    Its very 1984ish
    But like Jim Carey fied
    I was like "GO TRUEMAN!"