1 Jan 2010

Strange sense of


walking back from Rebecca's in the snow :)
Not sure if it was the Snow :)
Or the great time I spent with Becca :)
Or Both (Y)

But I really wish that it was a good hour's walk home
'Cos I couldn't honestly be happier walking home in the snow on New Year's Day at 1:45 am with my iPod DJ Eddie
I smiled and sang along all the way home

Happy New Year


  1. aah sounds awesome!
    not quite the same but the other day when it was snowing really heavily i was walking home from goodmayes station and it was lovely!
    i lvoe walking in the snow

  2. Lol awww sounds so cute.

    Happy New Year :)
    Wish you the bestest for 2010, which obviously you're going to get :)

    I know you thought about me the whole timee ;)