17 Jan 2010

OK so I'm digressing from history

But I have to express this
it is weird
but for a while now whenever my mum has offered to make me food (aside from dinner)
I get really irritated
I have this inate cave woman feeling that I want to fend for myself
I want to go into the kitchen and hunt for my food :S
It's really weird
I may even be hungry when she asks me but I just dismiss her and 10 minutes later I wonder into the kitchen
Anyone else get that?


  1. lol!
    nope not me im afraid
    although i do like to make things myself (like sandwiches) only yourself knows the right amount of what to put in etc!

  2. lol yeah
    i think thats what it is
    but just slightly over the top lol

  3. Lol awww, poor mummy.
    Hello miss independant :P
    sometimes you just need to think about it, because you really want to eat something and then people will suggest other things, so you say no because you already know what you want.
    I dont think that makes sense :\
    I know what I mean