28 Jan 2010

Off The Hook

Contrary to my original thoughts, due to a lot of misgivings there's a particular elder whom I don't particularly like anymore. I was pretty much informed they didn't like me either. However I'm pretty sure they didn't hate me. That was untill yesturday.
I don't even know why I'm bothering with code 'cos there is no way to redeem myself now.

So we were in media and Steph was back from her Geography exam the previous day. I think we were talking about sorting out our out takes from our music video. Well that's the only way I can see Steph coming out with the next comment.
So we were working on the computers and Sir was wondering around like the toddler he is, and he was just on the other side of the classroom, when Steph said, with much volume:
"Sarah that impression you did of Mr Shak and Mr Phillipson was so.."
"Shut up Steph" I said through my teeth
but that was it
It was obvious he'd heard.
Peter may of even heard in the next room
Then Shak left
"You couldn't of waited 10 more seconds. Well he definately hates me now"
Me, Jen and Steph were all laughing
"Sorry, but yeah that impression you did of Mr Shak and Mr Phillipson was so funny"
Atleast one good thing came out of it
He completely ignored me the rest of the lesson
and probably will the rest of his life
Ah well, I've been ignoring him for a whole lot longer
Jen reckons I can push him a little bit further
But I think I've done enough damage for now
I'm just waiting for Jennie to catch up with me on the dark side
She said she likes it better when he hates her
Just gotta make sure Steph's there to do the damage :)

Or we show him clip 58 ;)


  1. LOL
    you and your hatemedia or more hateshakness
    tis funny