2 Jan 2010

No Country for Old Men

I'd heard really good things about this film so when it came on sky I thought oh I'll watch it!
But don't

It's a really odd film. I had a fair idea of what was going on but I was a bit confused about what this guy was doing so I had to ask my dad to confirm and then it made more sense lol.

Yes this guy looks scary and thats because he's a friggin Pyscho!

So yeah going back to it.
In the I kind of didn't see the point in the film, 'cos usually the end should resolve things but it really didn't but then I guess it's just demonstrates the harshness of the situation.
So the storyline is strong but at the same time a bit wavery.

I think the characters were good. As I've mentioned that guy is a Pyscho and he talks like one too :S

Overall I think the cinematography was the best!
The locations were great and the framing of the some of the shots were so cool!

Oh and the soundtrack, well lack of it.
The whole film had NO music!
Noticed it straight away.
Gave a really weird errie atmosphere I think
Probably trying to create more tentsion maybe


  1. Check you out using media words :)
    Lol allow a film with no music :(
    And the bit where you said "the end should resolve" made me think of Closer LOL
    But I've heard good things too

  2. lool Closer was too much jokes

  3. i loved this film! all Coen Brothers films are really weird so i expected it to be a bit odd but i thought it was really good, i liked the way some of the shots were set up.
    but i'm madly in love with most of the coen brothers films so yeah (:

  4. -thats supposed to be a true story!