5 Jan 2010

My Glass Obituary

Coke Glass died 30/12/09

I loved my glass
truly did
we had some really good times together
some of you got enjoy the pleasure of drinking from it

that's sangria ^ :)

Raji sure enjoyed it :)

It was my one glass that I would always have when it was not being washed up
It was also a lil famous :)

and all this sadness because my phone decided it couldn't stand not recieving any love from me
so it fell down on my glass
when it didn't succeed the first time
it did it again
and this time prevailed :(
stupid phone
I hate it even more now
don't worry
it paid for it afterwards

Now it's gone
I'm going to leave you with the lil bit of fame it had
and me enjoying drinking from it

Bye Glass


  1. LOL noooooo
    R.I.P glass

    that media thing should've won an oscar btw (not even a choscar, an oscar!) ;)

  2. lool aww thanks :D
    me and raji are pretty good at acting ;)

  3. OMG!!!
    I loved you, thanks you for the good times.
    No other glass will ever compare (not even football crazy!)
    You will be sorely missed.

    Im actually laughing hysterically.
    That will never stop being hillarious. Ever.

    Just makes me miss the glass even more though.

  4. r.i.p glass
    you will be sure missed
    lol raji sure enjoyed it, that made me lol

    i dont even know it and i miss it :(