26 Jan 2010

MTV gonna remake Skins

Which is damn brilliant if you ask me
'Cos I don't like skins
so I'll think they'll make a better version of it

"US cable network MTV is to create an American version of hit E4 teen drama Skins and has promised to "preserve the authenticity" of the UK version, which included graphic scenes of drug taking, drinking, swearing and casual sex.

In a bid to maintain the original production's successful model of bringing in new young writers, MTV will also draft in teenagers to write and star in the series, which will be set in Baltimore, Maryland."

courtesy of The Guardian

I did like the first series

but it went downhill after that
I don't know why I bothered watching it
Though I do like the beginning


  1. i've only watched a couple of skins episodes (like for media and stuff) and it seems ok.
    i guess the american one will be good but probably less grittier and maybe more 'american-cheesey'er
    hopefully im wrong

  2. that sounds great! UK Skins had it's up's and down's but I still love it. can't wait to see what MTV will come up with.