8 Jan 2010

It seems that our blogs may be discovered by our superiors

but to hell with it
I'm gonna blog about what I want as it's my blog :)

So today
has actually been good :)
History was obv boring but I spose I was fairly occupied with day dreaming, thinking about how cold I was and if the plaster would stick to my thumb for more than 15 seconds if I pressed it down harder
Media was fun with our evaluation videos
Music wasn't too bad with my online shopping
and second media although a bit gay
with stuble
I got to leave early
and earlier events compensated it

and I finished my book :D
amd Ben stopped by for half an hour before he went back to Plymouth
it's actually been so long we enjoyed each others company!
Can you believe it!

So seeing as I've enjoyed reading other peoples mini stories on their blogs
I've been inspired to write one of my own
also because of Sookie Stackhouse
based on true events
but of course things based on "true events" aren't usually that close to the truth ;)
and I'm going to change the time of this post
so you read this first :)
and then my story :D

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