25 Jan 2010

Internet being painfully slow

so I think I'll have to blog at school
which is annoying 'cos I had some good things to post
including youtube clips but I'm worried it will kill the computer
maybe do that in media ;)

but after agggess
and earlier failed attempts a couple of hours ago
I clicked on New Post and here I am :D
So I may aswell make the most of it

I'm going on a cereal diet
You see I want cornflakes, but my mum won't buy me any
'Cos all the cereal containers are full and theres no space on top of them 'cos there's cereal boxes there too
My problem is I have phases of cereal and I never finish them :S

So my plan is to finish all the shreddies
Leaving one whole container for cornflakes :)
'Cos currently I can stand to eat them
I'm trying to long out the phase
But I also asked for weetabix :S
and a whole box is sitting on top of the shreddies
you see I could just finish the cinnamon things
but I really don't want them
or the rest of the cheerios
or the farm house strawberry oaty thing

I have drawn I diagram to illustrate the quantities
'cos google is too slow
and it's fun :)

turns out I got bored with writing
and it did take a while to upload
resorted to photobucket
which took 2 secs >|

man this computer needs to be sorted

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