20 Jan 2010

Good Luck With Maths guys

I know y'all been working like crazy
and hopefully all went well
so as a releif read this post to make you laugh

I had a whole post to cheer you lot up but I can't really remember what I was going to say so it won't be as funny but I'll try

[I've just typed it out and it's not funny but do with it what you will]


The Weighty man who took away my free drum lessons bumped into me and told me the drum lessons were starting again today. Kept going on about the new kit blah blah. Then the Green Day lady finds me and she tells me. I felt a bit bad about being a lil annoyed at her 'cos she's cool and she apologised for not quite knowing who I was even though she should :) yep she said she should know me :)
So I go to my lesson. The drum kit is shit. I openly tell this in my nicest way to my drum teacher who is thankfully on the same level as me:)
He is so awesome you know
He noticed my new green converse
and said I was the only one to respond that my Christmas break was "Cool :)"
and not "Allright" in the monotone teenage way, the way I speak to my mum bascially lol
Tbh I did contemplate alright but then I thought about all my Sookie Stackhouse books :)

So anyway I come out and I'm thinking
It's kinda a waste of money to spend my drum lessons on a rubbish kit where those lessons were the only times I played a decent one
So this will be the last set
though tbh probably would of been anyway because of exams
which is sad

and Weighty is there again!
Asking me what I thought
I can't remember if I said it was good, I hope I didn't but I said something like it's nice
and then he was glowing and saying how it's brand new
and I responded with a "Yeah definately brand new" If I can help it I won't give it any praise

So I go fetch Raji so we can "sneak" out and go home early
It's a good thing I left
I cba to explain it again but
My mum burnt pasta
House fulll of smoke
Still stinks of it over 24 hours later!

& she didn't realise what was happening

It was funny
But I just hope I'm there if anything happens again :S

Nobody was really in today, only Raji who I only spent 20 mins with. I walked her half to English and saw Weight again! I expressed this to Raji and said "Is he following me?!" and I turned around and Peter looking right at me with a blondie by his side lol

So I went on down to study and attempted some history. I didn't do alot but it wasn't really my fault as I spent the majority of my time looking for useless quotes in the text book. David paied me a visit and gave me Angel :) Then off to media.

Since mine and Jennie's realisation media is a tad different now lol. Afew comments which I wouldn't of thought twice of before, I would of nudged Jennie lol but nothing as good as mondays lesson ;)

This may be found but you know what, screw it, if his behaviour is the same as I'm about to explain there'll be no problem.

The guy just does not listen.
Jen has experienced this first hand but I think he's got it in for a few of us.
Charlotte had to say Hotmail 4 times before shouting it the 5th for him to actually hear it though everyone else in the class heard it.
I even asked about getting that DVD of everyones work. And he said sure.......
Yeah that was it. So I stood there waiting for him to maybe say something, so I go "I've got moneys"
He just left me hanging and mentioned something to the guys so I just followed the guys back to the other room mentioning to Fatima that the lesson as pointless. Yeah Jen, Mala, you didn't miss much.

So I sciddaddled (thats a hard word to spell)
off to Romford
Went straight into HMV and found Buffy 5 & Guitar Hero 5 straight away (Y)
Came back and rents day off so they said bout going Chinese :)
I sorta mentioned I had music but it wasn't worth it because I don't do anything
this naturally conerned them, I forgot parents do that thing where they wanna know WHY!
I don't think parents will ever get it no matter how hard you try
but I deferred it when my mum said "What about your exam?" and I answered briskly that we haven't even started work for it so I wouldn't miss anything
which is true, I'm gonna mention this next time I get a chance
This "music convo" actually lasted about 15 seconds
I'm quite proud of myself

About 2 hours after we came back the rents disappeared into the neighbours
So I had the house to myself :)
So I watched 7 eps of Buffy
and played my new game :D
funnn stufff

day off tomorrow
then Arsenal
I know I'll enjoy it when I'm there
It's just the getting there and leaving the house lol


then long weekend :D


  1. It made me lol
    Well done for Buffy and Guitar Hero.
    I'm not liking this Blondie character, who the fuck is she anyway?!?
    Also; you will have fun tomorrow, make sure you take pictures with lots of tourists for me :)

  2. ''The weighty Man'' younger says he follows her :s

    Alex is only funny to a certain extent, then its just annoying....but him in shorts...Yoowza!

    (Just noticed the ideas on the side...noice)