13 Jan 2010


This film wasn't really what I expected. Though I guess I'm not sure what I really expected but just not gore and a thriller aspect.
So I have to apologise deeply to Raji for taking her to see a film which she loaths.
I'm so sorry Raji. If I'd of known we would never have gone.

The film however, was good. I liked it :) After I got over the fact that this film may be scary; well it actually wasn't to me. Maybe I'm becoming braver? No I'm not 'cos it wasn't as scary as I Am Legend, or maybe that film changed me?

So anyways..

I really liked the whole storyline. I found it so eerie and cool that the nighttime was when civilisation occured as they were all vampires and of course can't come out in the day. As well as being cool, as most vampire films/novels/tv shows are it had a really dark side. I mean really dark. There's been so many lighthearted, good vamp films that we've forgotten they're cold blooded killers who just want to suck your blood to stay alive and don't care what it costs them to do it. There was also no sexual link to the vampires in this film like there is in everything else vampirish which took away that I love vamps appeal.

The guy I thought was Harry from Spiderman

was not the lead :S
Sorry Raji

He was Ethan Hawke

To be honest I think you can see why I got confused

I thought he was really good and like all the vamps looked darn freaky.

I have to say all the way through this film I was analysing the vampires like the freak that I am. And I did think there were some flaws but then they were sorted out and made clear eventually.
However they acted a little bit more like zombies than vampires and kinda took the feel of one of those movies where a virus turns all humans into zombies.
So Raji and I concluded that they were indeed Zompires; we have made them exist :)

I'm not sure what else to say.
Very gorry.
A bit jumpy. I spose it depends what your like with 'scary' films and thrillers. I'm not especially good with horros so I would recomend the people in the medium range :)

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    But I don't blame you, and you did protect me the whole way through, which must have been really uncomfortable for you.
    No, alas, it wasn't Harry butt Ethan Hawke is a fitty.
    Zompires are scary, I dont like them anymore.
    Too add my two pence;