7 Jan 2010

Been meaning to give a shout out to all the English!

All these English stars are doing us proud in American TV Drama pretending to be yanks
It makes me so happy when I find out they're English
And they're the lead characters!
You go guys! :D

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton aka Vampire Bill in True Blood

He's from Brentwood :D

Joseph Fiennes as Mark Benford in Flashforward

Dominic West as Jimmy McNulty in The Wire

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

and of course

Hugh Laurie as Dr Gregory House


  1. Thanks to you my mother is unashamedly head over heels in love with House :|

  2. J'adore touts les acteurs de la série de Gossip Girl et sur tout Edward Westwick. Il est tellement beau. Une merveille !