2 Jan 2010


I thought this was reallly cool :D
The whole thing I just loved!
The 3D was excellent
my eyes didn't go fuzzy
and I didn't feel sleepy

For the first 10 mins of the film I felt like I was on a ride lol
You know like back to the future
but that passed
you get used to the 3D really quickly and it's jus' like it's normal

The whole film, I didn't realise, is really about the different groups and their syncretic attitudes towards the forest. (Word of the day calender ;) forgot to mention it in my resolutions)
but it's great :)
All the CGI and effects wasn't over the top, it was just right I thought
I woud love to be an avatar :D
I wanna be blue (Y)

Just all round good
Can't think of anything else to say

1 comment:

  1. I heard it's meant to be like the story of Pocahontus.
    Still haven't watched it though.
    Sounds good :)