13 Jan 2010

After my long daybreakers post

I can't for the life of me (haha) remember what I was going to post
Very infuriating

There was a problem with the London news as I was writing my review
Without any warning we went to Merdian news?
I know wtf?
It's this bit of England apparently, said the weather

pic from 1983?

There were farm animals in the opening credits :|
You can see why I was alarmed
Sheep in London?
Then the woman said about techno problems and Hello to London :S

Why do we want to know Meridian news?
What does Meridian even stand for?
Sorry I'm good with geography
And I don't have a clue
and it covered a massive area
Lot's of interesting things clearly happen there ;)

I apologise to all the Meridians
I'm not recollecting maybe seeing this news in Brighton and my nan and grandad's many moons ago
though I thought it was just South of England news?
I'm just taking my frustration out of not remembering what I was going to post about on your Merdian news and sheep


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  1. I missed this, would have liked to have known what you're on about :)