8 Dec 2009


Friday - Sunday

That's where I spent my weekend
What an interesting experience this was
I think I've learnt quite a lot this weekend
but not on, say learning in school type terms, but learning about other people
and how to deal with them lol

So me and Jen thought we were late on friday
but those 2 guys are so unorganised we jammed for a bout 10 mins when we got there

When we did get going we stopped off at the tesco's in Gallows Corner
tis mahusive
so we were to all go around and shop for seperate things
We go Lunch and Dinner for Saturday
now I was worried about how much food us guys were putting in
but the guys were like"If Peter tells us to take it out we will"
which was fair enough
so we're going round and see Peter (youth leader)
and he's looking in the trolley and said we need more food! Can you believe it? More?
Me and Jen both went "More?!"
so yes, we had to get more food

It was such a disaster
got wayyy to much food
and food that tbh only Peter and Gavin liked
clearly didn't care about anyone else

we also got a Pizza each
doesn't that just show their knowledge of shopping

they weren't listening to anyone
Not even V (girl youth worker, really cool)

this taught me that:
All Guys Can't Shop

well maybe some can
I should change that

Groups of Guys Can't Shop Together

So with that done we went off to the place
Which went from "Some place in Essex"
to "Danbury Fields, right near Chelmsford"

I got a bit of a shock when I saw the accomodation

Especially with the showers and toilets in a seperate building a small 1 min walk away
predominantly in the rain!

But we made it work
Espec as there was only 4 girls in a room that sleeps 8 so it meant double duvets and double mattresses (Y)

First night was a sham with the Pizza's
and that shut my stomach up for the whole weekend
and even a little bit now

Naz went to bed and we jammed in the guys room for a while which was kl
but I got tired so we left
but after going to the toilet in the rain I kinda felt awake again
We probs shoulda gone back as the next night was a bit of a sham but ahwell

Saturday morning came too quickly
and ended up waking up at half 7 despite not needing to be up really
but I didn't get out of bed for a good hour

Nazia had a lil fiasco in the toilets with muff muncher
which was pretty hilarious and kept giving us jokes, well, still now lol

Me and Jen got in the kitchen bout 9 and missed breakfast
and Peter was moaning on at us
Sorry we weren't your slaves and didn't cook your breakfast for you but we're doing your dinner so sshh
I didn't want breaky but got talked into having a muffin
So that sat on top of my dough filled stomach


We did some problem solving stuff
and then an obstical course

and my fear of heights was reawakened
which taught me that
you forget how scared you are of stuff until you face it

oh and one of the leadery danbury people
was muff muncher
so that amused us all the way round the course
so did Nazia with her screaming all the way up this wall thing
soo funny

we got verrry muddy and I suffered from many aches and pains waking up yesturday morning
I still have them now:(
But they're not as bad
may have a bath to sort it

we got back to do lunch
and Peter moaned at me that I didn't eat lunch
then we went on a trip to the shop where I bought some Strawberry pencils and some rainbow fizzy lace things which were rank and later added to the Skittles Vodka lool (not a good idea)

So then to binging started on my already full stomach
in my defense
I think it was boredom
'cos I eat when I'm bored
and we had a long arse boring meeting for 5 friggin hours!!

So after pulling my brains out, 1 lil toffee crisp, 1 packet of crisps, 1 lil twix, 4 choc fingers and 8 Strawberry pencils later it was time for me and Jen to make dinner

now I say I can't cook
but I actually can
I jus can't cook complicated things
and I jus don't cook at home cos my mum does it

So me and Jen were to make pasta
not pasta is reallly not difficult
I think a monkey could make pasta

So me and Jen are doing our thing
and Kunal looming in the back doing desert I think

but Peter is going on and on about what we should be doing
and Gavin chips in every 2 minutes or so

Fuck Off
If you wanna do it
Then fucking do it
Don't sit on your arse all day, barking commands, and expect to be waited on

So we got V to have a word with them
Peter left
and I think Gavin left eventually but that took a while
so we did our thing
but cos they insisted on mixing 2 pasta sauces together
I think everyone had indegestion later
I know Me and V did

So then it came to washing up eventually
and I have a weird phobia of washing up
it's hard to explain but it realllly groses me out washing up dishes with food on and shit
now I can do everything else
just not that

but Peter is a prick
and so is Gavin but not as much
but this washing up fiasco went on to the next day
and I was just getting blamed for loads
I don't know why
oh and Gavin got fairy liquid over my jeans
it better come off!!

but yeah when we were leaving the girls got blamed way more than the guys
sexext bastards

sorry back to Sat night

after dinner and that we had ANOTHER MEETING

a lil bonding session with V
and Naz had a nap
and we played cards
and then ended up playing this card game which involved dares lol
that was pretty funny
and my dare is going to give Jen and Naz jokes for quite a while

but yeah so we were in our room but were planning to go to the guys room
but we were having fun at the mo
and some one kept naggin us to go
and when your being nagged
it just puts you off the idea

but eventuallly
we went there
but Mujjy was asleep :(
sorry Muj
he looked so cute though

someone was also "drunk" which ruined our lil walk
but there you go
so Sat night was good and a flop :)

gonna do sunday quick cos the bells gonna go
and I've already mentioned clearing up

We had another meeting
then left

then had this lovelllly chinese
gotta go there again
in Brentwood right next to the go- karting
we had to pay for our own drinks though cos shockingly we went over budget
hmm wonder why

and then we went go karting
now that was fun :D
i was really good
then got too confident
and started to flop lol
but that was the best part of the weekend :D

then we went home

and I slept a lot

The End :)


  1. that sounded like so much fun
    next one that comes about, tell me about it...hopefully im not busy on that day ^_^

  2. Wow
    Actually sounds like so much funnn
    I'm glad you had a good time