21 Dec 2009

Steward Times

As some of you may or may not know
Saturday 19th December was to be my first day at Arsenal working as a match day steward

Before I get on to the job

I think I'll go through the little fiasco that was pre work

Getting ready etc was a bit stressful as I was worrying about layers and being cold
but was resolved about 30 secs before I was about to leave
went to leave and got the mother to come with me for support lol
and it was ICY everrrywhere
so that was a bit scary
as I was running late and couldn't go fast
so got to Chadwell Heath
and massive que for tickets
with those kinda people who don't live in London
and only go out at the weekends to piss you off -grrr-
but turns out I'd missed my train anway
so had to que

eventually got on the train
blah blah
had to make it to Stratford in time to get the 13:52 train to Highbury and Islington
so I'm sitting on the train
already nervous about a new job
and thinking I've screwed up already

So the train is approaching Stratford
and I get up Now
So I'm etching out the door ready to GO

Lucky for me I judged it well and was right opposite and oyster reader when I jumped out
So I got to that
looked up and the big clock read


So I could still make it
and I start walking fast and then I think
Don't walk Sarah! RUN!

So I do
It was like a scene from a movie
me running
in my uniform and new clacking boots
through Stratford Station

Kings and Queens was also playing on Giles
which was kinda ironic
as whenever I listen to this
I always imagine a music video with people running from all over to a certain special point
so there was me running

and I did the whole

I did feel a bit silly
but I saw a woman about 20 paces infront of me doing the same thing lol
So I felt a little better
So I get to the steps and I'm running up them and my legs are like Ahhh
Then I think
Don't slow down now! This is what you go to the gym for!
(Btw I'm not making up or exaggerating these thoughts, I actually thought all this word for word)

So I keep going
get up the steps and the train is still there!!
But it's my worst night mare
the doors are closed!!
Then I think

If I catch it and press the open button will it stop?
Stupid yes, but I was desperate

But no wait
These doors aren't closed
*the ones at the end*
So I run into the really packed carriage
and feel a wave of relief
and slight exhaustion
and when the train doesn't leave
quite a bit of embarrassment

so the train didn't leave for like another minute and a half
but hey, I wasn't to know
I dunno why those other doors were closed

during this minute and a half
a wave of panic came over me as I thought

I didn't even check if this was the right train! Should I ask someone?
but I thought even that would be too foolish

but when the driver announced the first stop
I knew I was going the right way (Y)

So yeah that was that
I got there in plenty of time :)

The job

I get to my peg
my number is 133 :)
The coat is huge
but pretty warm as it goes all the way down to your knees
I noticed I forgot my handbook which is like one of your most important things
but I got away with it :)
I'll remember it next time though

This week I was working on Exit Gate Blue Lower Tier G Block 13

at first my heart sunk and I thought
Oh Exit Gate :( That's not as fun and I won't watch the game

I was so wrong
It was wicked
My supervisor was cool
and we just jammed for about an hour on the chairs talking
and people were playing games on their phones
some reading
some eating
so relaxed
I'm doing that next week

but some supervisors not as laxed

but yeah
I was talking to these people
and complaining bout the cold
and then we opened up
and I had to stand by the stair case
to make sure the other doors weren't opened

and alot of the time people asked me where to go
and I just said "Upstairs" :)
nothing difficult
some people were nice and we would mention the cold
I saw Hardeep Singh Kohli

but all the others told me he goes all the time
slumming it with the commoners ;p
I also saw people I knew
Family friends

weird how I saw noone at Sports Direct but see everyone one my first day at Arsenal

So when we kicked off
my supervisor said I could stand at an angle and watch the door
and watch the game on the screen :D
How wicked is that

It really was a cool day
and it Flew
I hope to have some good times at Arsenal
Who knows where I'll be next week?

Club Level :p??

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  1. I like that you have pics for everything....might have to copy
    lmao at the woman who was doing it too