28 Dec 2009

Star Trek

I gots this for Christmas :) Actually got it back in November but only watched it Christmas day, how odd.
2nd time round I'd watched it

And it's still amazing

The storyline I suppose could be quite complicated as it's to do with time which is often confusing in anything but I don't think it's difficult to follow.
I'm not a trekky though I did watch the odd few Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC 2 after The Simpsons with Patrick Stewart and these guys:

and some of the films they did actually :S
But this was the only one I watched
Though my mum, yes my mum! The nerd, has the oldies on DVD

But I'm not one to watch it and quote it religiously like the guys in The Big Bang Theory

This is all leading to the point in which I'm trying to say that...
You don't have to be a Trekkie to enjoy it

It's action packed
With lots of cool graphics
and includes this verry fit man

Chris Pine as James T Kirk


yes, you may know this fairly attractive man

They make a good team

I'll quickly mention the afew of the other characters, but they were all really good

Simon Pegg :)
Yes the Brits got in there
He does a good Scottish Accent

The guy from Flashforward
as Mr Sulu

and a cute Russion

I'm pretty sure there'll be a number 2
Watch out for that one!

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  1. ooo its on our lovefilm rental list lol
    yeah the cast looks pretty good,
    simon pegg is a geniuss