12 Dec 2009

My Infatuation

I think it's time to write down how I feel about this boy
Because in the future, when I think I've met the one
I'm going to read this and see if he makes me feel the same way
To know if I truly love him like I love this boy now

He's pretty indescribable
to put it down in words is really difficult
and no photograph or picture can do him justice
but I'm going to have to try

Try and think of the most beautiful person you have ever seen
then times this by 10
He really is truly one of a kind

He has the cutest shade of blonde hair
You couldn't buy it
There's no way you could try and create that with chemicals
It's soo soft
His naturally straight hair jus sits on his head in little natural tufts
but is often covered with his hood :(
hiding himself away from the cruel world

His hair falls into his face a lot
and he plays with it there
but it never falls into his eyes
I'll get onto his eyes later

He has the cutest small mouth
but with full red lips
that stand out against his pale beautiful face
His jaw is perfectly lined
with little tufts of blonde hair poking out
and these run along his chin as well

His personality is great also
He believes that what he believes is right
and everyone else is wrong
I love his determination and stubborness

He's so often in his music and his thoughts
oblivious to everything and everyone else around him
he really doens't care much about anything
only things that are really important to him

It takes a lot to make him laugh
But when he does it's the cutest
and his smile is just the sweetest heart warming thing you'll see
with his little white pearly teeth

He's really talented musically
and really clever
but doesn't show it off

He never eats anything :(
I am yet to see him eat
This is reflected in his slim physique
But not unhealthily thin
He looks strong enough and fit enough to run around for a hour or so
He did like P.E :)

His fashion sense is pretty cool
After his phase of calling me emo
He turned to skinny jeans
and they haven't come off since
and they look great on him
He doesn't have sticks like some guys in skinnies
orr tree trunks
He looks totally different from everyone else in his little friend group
and actually most of the guys I know
There is noone the same At all
In his own league of style
and he's started to wear less hoodies with his hood up :)

Now for his eyes
They're big Full eyes
you can look at his face and see only them
they're the most beautiful colour I've actually ever seen
no lie
They stop you in your tracks
The deepest, icy blue eyes you will ever see
the colour is just so exquisite

When he looks at you
Time stands still and your heart skips a beat

His eyes can tell you so much about him
and his life

They're so dazzling and mesmorising
He doesn't need anything else but his eyes to have anything he ever wanted in life
But he actually does
He's so perfect
It's other worldly

no one is good enough for him
so I know I never will be
but I can admire him from a short distance
and hope that one day I can find a man
maybe a 1/16 of his greatness if that's even possible
and we can be happy together


  1. I dont think infatustion is a strong enough word to describe the vampiric beauty that only he radiates :)