7 Dec 2009

A little update

Net is not working
well it s
but it's not connected to my laptop
and I have some files missing

greeatt (Y)

so probs not back online till at least tomorrow
as I have Eddie Izzard tonight
doesn't feel like I'm going yet
booked the tickets agggess ago
tis my dad's xmas pres
pretty good pres if you ask me

I need to blog quite a bit
and catch up
especially about my weekend
may do it tomorrow or even this afternoon in my free but we'll see

currently in music
listening to Mike & co's mix
and quite jealous
'cos I wanna do that :(
Dre we have to get on it!

and I achhhe everywhere
and am so tired
and so thirsty
but I'll explain that in my next blog

au revoir for now
I reckon Jesus will be in in a sec

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