13 Dec 2009

Ink Heart

Was pretty kl
Different to what I thought it would be
I spose this made it better as there was more to it
because I just thought it was about a character coming out of a book and the whole film was trying to get him back in
which it wasn't
so that was kinda good because it was much more in depth and I suppose more interesting

Wasn't completely amazing though
didn't completely capture me
alot of the time I kept thinking how I love books and classics I want to read and how this could be real
and how someone could read Edward out of Twilight for me :)
but then I thought he would either:
1) Not want me and want Bella :(
2) Miss Bella Too much
3)Miss his family too much

because after all
if he's from the book
then Bella is his world :(

but I'm going off topic

so yeah good
but not that good

on a positive
Brendan Fraser was good in it

not playing one of his usual silly characters
(except Scrubs, he's allowed to in that)

and Paul Bettany was in it

I like him :)
and he was good (Y)

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