31 Dec 2009

I'm going to do the predictable and conventional thing of

wishing you all a
Happy New Year

I should of surprised you with maybe wishing you a weird or bad new year lol
But I wouldn't
well maybe a weird new year

and I'm going to summarise my year as quick as I can

Was kinda weird
and disappointing in some ways
but good in a lot
My 18th birthday will probably be the best birthday I'll ever have
Quite frankly you can't beat spending it with your friends and family with a party
and then 4 days later jetting off to New York City
and then 2 days after your amazing week and actual birthday there
The trip into school and the embarrassment of gigantic balloons and a gang of your friends following you around and making ur post birthday surprise better than someones actual birthday that Day

but yeah
there are also a fair few sad things that happened
but I spose you gotta take all the bad and hope that you can learn from it, improve from it and move on

this has led me into resolutions
though I don't really wanna call them that 'cos they never stick
so I'm just gonna call them changes
and therefore I won't feel like I've failed them if I don't stick to them religiously or fulfill them

1. what has been my goal for about 12 years of my life, Get Fit, Healthy and Lose Weight
2. Cling on to the people that make me happy and forget the ones that don't, 'cos some people just change 
3. Don't take shit from anyone, it isn't worth the pain
4. Actually Do something if I want to, don't think about doing it or contemplating it, just Do it!
5. Get better resolutions for next year lol 'cos I'm looking at these now and thinking they're pretty crap


  1. Ohh iLike this Blog cos its interesting so it needs a comment lol
    Hmm 2009=Dansbury-FOOD
    iDefo will stop on junk as of today:)
    Much Love Nazia xx

  2. I take issue with some things mentioned here, but I'm not going to comment on that because we can't start the year with a domestic.

    Happy New Year my LBP <3

  3. lol Happy New year to you too :)