26 Dec 2009

Tis the season to be Stuffed

I won't explain my Christmas
'cos it wasn't very interesting
but it was nice
and I have a tonne of films to review

Merry Christmas

and now

Happy Boxing Day?

well yeah it's boxing day
and I hate to admit I've looked online at different things I want to buy
I know it's blasphemy 'cos I hate how everything opens now on boxing day
it's like people can't survive without everything open for 2 days so now we've just gone down to one day
and even that's too much for some people

but I sound middle aged so

this isn't any cheaper
but I think it's kinda strange that I want it :s

my boots have gone down loaddss
I'll have to get em quick
so I'll be out monday as I have work tomorrow

£90 to £27.99!!
Don't even think about it

and my jacket gone down by £57

but still don't know whether to get it or save my money for like
a holiday or something :S
though I've wanted a leather for so long :/
I'll think about it

So now more films!
and then round to the cousins
I know family stuff!
Actually unheard of

1 comment:

  1. i like your taste in boots ! (haha dw i not going to steal that great bargain! :O-although temptin XD ha)

    and yeh i no they seem so 'middled aged'..but i fink those clock necklaces are so pretty! hehe..was hopin for one for christmas-but unfortunalty santa didnt get me one :(