2 Dec 2009

I have so much to mention

I'm not quite sure how I would put it all into words
all I can say is that a certain situation seems to be mounting
the rents even know
won't be long before something is said
or I'll keep being a bitch and winding them up
so that they punch me
and then I can calmly relay a certain list to them of what they've been doing wrong

yeah that sounds better

school as a whole is diar
I'm behind in media
Not really our fault either seeing as we can't use the software and someone being a jerk
I'm behind in history
Not completely my fault but quite a lot
I haven't managed to add, to my what, all of 200 words?
Comp broke
Can't concentrate in study
and of course
don't want to actually do it
But told miss and I've got an extra day :)
Which is good 'cos I think I can do a bit tomorrow 'cos only one lesson
Music not too bad I don't think
I thought I didn't have a lot
and was putting random bars and ideas down I thought were good
and I'm up to 3 mins and have only really developed one thing properly
so I can pick and choose a bit there
need to get sounds
but once I get comp back shouldn't be too bad

so onto the important news

The Comp should be back soon too :)
Ben said it's going to be OK (Y)

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  1. I love how you write ''someone'' we all knwo who your talking about ;)