9 Dec 2009

Ghost town

Really wasn't very good. Didn't keep me particularly entertained. Most of the way through I was waiting for it to finish and wondering if anything dramatic or fairly interesting was going to happen...but it didn't. I think they coulda done a lot more with the story line as it's a pretty good concept but at the same time it's kinda a crappy almost rip off of Ghost. Which is just an epic film with much stronger characters.
Ricky Gervaise is ok but nothing special. His character is basically just him and it's like he's not acting. Also his character could of been more of a jerk. He was supposed to be one, and he was but he coulda been ruder I think.
Greg Keaner was pretty cool but his character didn't really do anything new. Except some dramatic change at the end which was a bit rushed. He jus kept showing up being the same and the One time he changes and thats it. Naaa

So basically, don't bother watching it


  1. Hahahaa I wont.
    I hate Ricky Gervaise anyway.
    (SORRY- but I do)

  2. yeahh i thought Ghost Town was going to be really funny but it was a bit of a let down :|