23 Dec 2009


I thought this was a realllly good film. I liked it a lot!
It was really inciteful to me for someone who wasn't around at the time and didn't know a lot about the situation but a bit. But it was also inciteful for my parents who even saw the real interview alll those years ago lol and could see it from the behind the scenes point of view and of course again.
I'm not sure what else to really say about it because you kind of have to see it and if your like me you probably don't know the outcome of it or much about it and it's better to watch it that way so I don't wanna spoil it.
Mihcael Sheen was excellent

as always

and the guy from Spooks was in it :)

Been in loads of things now

Frank Langella was also good

You know they're good if you start to really believe the character is them, that's all I have to say

Definately a good film
A "Must See" :)

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