29 Dec 2009


Was an ok film but nothing special I think. Kids films just aren't what they used to be.
It didn't really explain if the animation world was a book, unless it did and I missed that bit. Because unless it wasn't and it wasn't a story then the two worlds can't collide 'cos it doesn't exist :S.
It tried to combine in a lot of fairytales into the one film which I wasn't too keen on because I like to keep fairytales as a whole, not bits of them mashed up into one film.

I actually didn't like the ending aswell so I suppose I wasn't all that keen on the storyline.
However I did sorta like the characters
well James Marsden ;)

Though he was exceptionally dumb:S

Overall not great
and the rat bit was soooo gross
I had to fastforward through it
I know it's supposed to be funny
It reallly wasn't


  1. i really liked enchanted! i thought for a kids film it was pretty good, much more fun than bedtime stories.
    and the songs = FTW FTW FTW!

  2. aw enchanted is def one of my fave films of the more newer disney films OF COURSE nothin compares to ones we used to knoowww

    but aww loved it.

    o do you mean the rats bit when they are in house cleanin up?..if so yh that bit was O GOSH EW. lol

  3. i like et too
    haha 3 against one