8 Dec 2009

"Bonding" with the mother

Last thursday me and the mother were to go to see new moon
Now I had coursework to do so I had scheduled my evening pretty well around it I think

So the plan:
New Moon at 4
Pick up comp at around 6:30
Go tesco to buy drink for trip
Do coursework

That was how it was supposed to go
but my mother and I don't communicate very well with each other even though my English and Speaking is perfectly fine
so yeah..
I text her during the day and said we were gonna see it at 4, yes AT 4, not Leave at 4
So I left school early and everything to find she was in sainsburys buying popcorn
great (Y)
so now we were both in a mood
and we couldn't go to a later one as it didn't fit in with my coursework plan

so I went for  a walk to pick up the computer
and I brought it back and put it on all excited that my lappy was back
how devastated was I to find that there were really important files missing such as:
New York photos
All my Media A2 stuff
History A2
and quite a few others that I can't quite remember but there's a massive gap in my documents

luckily I didn't delete the photos off the memory card
How lucky is that?
I'm still worried that some might not come out cos my cam a bit weird after you put the photos on the comp and doesn't show some of them on the cam :S

but yeah
files missing
crying time

but also the net
now Ben set up my wireless a good 2 years ago now
but this time he's fixed the comp
it's not connected to the wireless/broadband for some reason
now seeing as he did it then, you'd think he would know what to do, or help, or understand I'm friggin trying but I don't know squot about computers
so yeah he was like no help
So I tried my other comp friend
now he was a lot more helpful but unfortunetly what he was suggesting wasn't working
so, if you know me, you know I have no patience
and I started to get in a right state
proper Pyscho Sarah
It was so stupid to react like that over a computer
but I think it was other tensions built up inside being let out on technology
which is a pile of shit I would like to add :)

so I was trying to do my coursework now, in a stupid state, not concentrating and my mum was like let's jus go see the film
so other comp friend got the times for me seeing as I had no fucking net
so we left

I would like to add how unlucky my family is
or well me
but they hate to mention it
as if mentioning it makes it worse
and my dad, always the optomist is annoying

so bear that in mind when I say we missed 2 buses
and were waiting at the bus stop
and the clock is ticking for the next showing
and we're both pissed off anyway
i suggest train and even though this is a good idea
mum seems like she's in a strop and I almost regret saying it
and almost have an argument in the street
fun times (Y)

anyhoo we got there on time
we saw the film :)
and I have some new opinions on it now
but I'm gonna save it for the 3rd time to watch it to make an even better judgement :)

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  1. Awr
    Don't be mean to your mum.